The Sun is Shining

There’s a lot of people struggling now for different reasons. Many of my friends are challenged financially by work and personally by some circumstances. Which makes it easy to start thinking what’s the purpose of it all and why is this happening and so on. Your regular paradigm is shaken and your focus goes in different directions.

Some people get into solution mode and others dig themselves into the problem hole and get overwhelmed. Neither is right or wrong but personally I prefer solution mode because the “problem hole” has a tendency to keep you longer than healthy. However you need some kind of high to manage one or the other that’s why I wrote the headline.

We use to joke about it especially when there’s a lot going on around us. We nag about our challenges and in the end we just say “But the sun is shining” meaning at least there’s something positive going on. It doesn’t have to be the sun it can be anything, the slightest glimpse of something good.

I don’t want to sound like “Mr. Happy Camper” but the people I know who impressed me most during the years have all had this attitude in common, even in the most absurd situations. Bosses I worked for, Star Sales Managers I learnt from and close friends because it’s the warrior spirit.

So go and look for something positive right away, with or without problems.

And you know what, today the SUN IS SHINING in Gothenburg SWEDEN!


  1. Yeah thats right it is yourself that makes the difference. Be solution oriented and not problem oriented. So you can make the sun shine.

    Life is good!

  2. I agree 100% just stay on your path, it might be winding, going up and even going down so you can run for a while.
    Enjoy your journey through life and life will enjoy you.

  3. Solen skiner även när man är blind var det någon som sa någon gång…