Public Speaking



Johan Skålberg is widely regarded as a leading authority in the field of tactical conflict management, performance under stress and personal leadership.

He took part in founding one of the most successful non profit organisations in Filipino Martial Arts, with international standards for instructors, clubmanagers, training programs, marketing and events. That brought people together from all over the world and created a network with thousand of Leaders, Learners and Friends.

He is teaching unique pedagogics, and his new and inspiering motivation has been sought by many brands and organisations:

Actors, Bodyguards, Business VIPs, Electra – Gladiators, Himla Gott, Hotel Security, Military Units, Musado, Night Patrol, Nordea, Ocean Group, Police Trainers, Police Units, Presidential Security, Sky Marshals, Social Workers, Sport Teams, Stratego, Swedbank, Tactical Instructors, Tandberg, World Champions and more.

“Every client has different needs so my presentations is different too” – Johan Skålberg

Topics: Self Awareness, Personal Leadership, Conflict Tactics