Role model mindset

I got myself a quick cold this weekend, not to bad but good enough to challenge the work. I still had to teach a workshop on Saturday and a Sport class on Sunday which worked ok with support of some aspirin and menthol to cover up the hangover look. But working didn’t really support the recovery to good so this morning it got worse. No rest for the wicked, I’d still have to bring my son to school early morning.

This is something I normally enjoy doing but not really this morning though. So I planned to be a little bit lazy and drive us there to save some of the low personal energy. But the car was completely covered in ice when we got out so that wouldn’t save any time or energy. After a quick adaptation we started to walk and it was quite a nice and fresh morning anyhow.

After a minute there’s another kid entering the street in front of us heading for school as well. My son start to ask me questions about the other kid which we don’t know. I answer most of the questions (in a fatherly tone) that I don’t know because we don’t know anything about him and we are not close enough to ask him ourselves. (I want to teach my son not to think or suppose anything without some personal research first)

Then the kid take another road to school and my son start to ask questions about that. Why he choose that way and if he would be in school before us. I answered again that I didn’t know and that it depends on how fast we walk. (I want to teach my son that the outcome is depending on his own effort and it’s his responsibility if he want to affect it)

To my surprise my son just says “Let’s run to school” and there I where with my small cold and a large desire to NOT RUN. (I want my son to play out and have fun whenever he can)

As the role model I want to be there’s no way in h_ll that I will be the boring one telling him that I don’t want to run or that my small cold will set back an enthusiastic mindset that will build a strong physiology for his day in school. (Lead by example)

So there we where the only crazy ones running to school this cold morning. My son for fun and I was proud but a little bit dizzy and a body feeling like an old locomotive with a very high pulse 🙂

I can live without another experience like this, but not without the memory of it. It puts a big smile in my mind.


  1. A nice story to read. As a father I can relate to the lessons in the story, however, being the last time we went running together, I was throwing up before I got done, the smile on my face comes from the thought of you, sick, in the cold and trying to keep up with your son. All in good fun Johan. Happy New Year!

  2. Beautiful, it just shows us you can't know what's going to happen, and that memory will be great fun to tell when he is an adult.
    Keep evolving, going forward and writing down your thoughts. They are a great inspiration!