Maintain Success with your Vehicle

Maintain Success with your Vehicle

If we buy a car many of us do some monthly payments for 3-5 years and then we own the car. After that we keep on bringing it to service, reconditioning and so on. So if you stop paying your dues you will loose your car and have nothing left, it will just be gone. And if you don’t take care of the necessary maintenance it will lose value and be worth nothing. This is no rocket science and everybody knows this. Most of us also know that our most important vehicle works the same. THE BODY!

Our body needs to be taken care of on a regular basis. New skills or functions has to be learnt and practiced until we own it, and then it has to be maintained. If we begin with something without “paying” all the way through it will be gone. And if you go all the way through it still needs to be maintained properly.

I’m fascinated how many people start new projects in life and then just quit or change as soon as there a little bit of resistance. Nobody would stop paying on the car because we know we’ll lose it, but many people stop taking care of their body or the new “maintenance program” they invested several years in. Isn’t that strange how we can prioritize material object before our most important vehicle we got? OUR BODY!!

Same as if you switch car during the payment plan, you can do it but it will probably cost you a lot of money and extra effort. So if you change path all the time without reaching your goals you will do a lot but accomplish a little. If something needs to be improved you will change but not just because you had a little resistance. That will drain you more than actually follow through and reach your goals.

Decide right now to always follow through with the best vehicle in the world, your own body.