How To Live Your Dreams And Travel The World In 2013

How To Live Your Dreams And Travel The World In 2013

A little more than 13 years ago I still had a job and, like many people I know, I was living a very unfulfilling life. I was getting burnt at both ends by company managers, never ending target changes and senseless shifts. On top of that I had another career as a trainer running a club and to many seminars. Being 5 days a week at the office meant I was missing a ton of time away from my family and even the “26 hour day” wasn’t enough.

The funny thing is, I was working for a very good company and I had a very good position. But my train of thought was: if I can’t be happy working at this company, with all the perks this implies, I’ll never be happy at any other regular job. I made it my mission to focus on my true passion teaching, training and coaching and just quit asap.

Fast forward thirteen years later and here I stand as an international seminar conductor. I manage an organization and staff of full time and part time team members  scattered on 4 different continents, from Sweden to Perth. And while growing my first company was a ton of work, It was also a ton of fun: the entrepreneurial lifestyle allowed me to travel the world as I wished while creating a sustainable business.


Now although it might sound like it, it hasn’t been years of holidaying, far from it. I tend to work very hard for periods of time (think 16+ hours day for many days in a row), then take it easy and work at my pace (in these “quiet period” i may work 4 hours a day, the rest is leisure). But that makes me in control of how and what I spend my time on and with whom.

Now why I am telling you all that? Simply put, since I started I’ve always enjoyed sharing my experiences, as I always knew deeply that it can inspire or at least help others, even in small ways.

Working in Hawaii


I often hear people who say or wish they could do the same and live by what they are passionate about, but they always have an excuse why they can’t.

I’ve have had my doubts as well but I know  that“Success is replicable”. I can still remember how understanding this simple fact got me to ultimately BELIEVE that anyone, even me, could do it.

And now that I have found out I can do it, I deeply believe that you can do it too. 

There was something about becoming a creator and director that really made me proud of myself, of what we can achieve when we put our mind to it. And by working with the right people sky is the limit because I deeply believe that one plus one can become a lot more with the right synergy.


But it took me a while to get there; looking back, I can see that I was often limited by my own perception of reality (Tony Robbins has a great book about this called “Awaken the giant within”).

There’s been endless on challenges and cutbacks on the way and I could make a very long list of complaints about unfortunate events and people I don’t share common interest with anymore.

But once you realize that you only have one life to live, and that ultimately there is nothing to lose  you will find all the resources you need to take the bulls by the horns, let it go and keep it up focusing on all the positive things that you do give a damn about.

Whatever your situation is at some point you will need to focus on what you want to do and accomplish. Spending time and energy on old and negative things will be a vaste of time and energy.


Surround yourself with likeminded people and you will start to get similar results as them. There’s a lot of people who have far to many advices and opinions how it should be done but here’s the thing:


I overheard a conversation some years ago from a woman with a record of crushed relationships giving relationship advices to a younger woman? The only advice she should give is how not to do in a relationship because that was her expertise. I don’t claim that it was her fault or anything like that but she obviously don’t know how to make it work. It would be better to listen to somebody who’s been happily in a relationship for a long time.

I personally surrounded myself with people who was doing what I wanted to do myself and started to do similar things they where doing. And I’m not talking about a copy and past strategy here but finding people with different skill sets from different areas and learn from them and incorporate there tools into my field of work.

It have worked very good for me and I have been able to coach other people with the same strategy to success.

I hope that sharing my personal study will help you to prepare and make the most of 2013, so that you too can experience all the happiness that you really deserve. Even if times are hard and things have not worked out exactly the way you wanted in 2012, you can always pick yourself up and make 2013 the best it can be.

So watch out for my next post soon!

Until then hope you are enjoying the festive periods with your loved ones,

Johan Skålberg