Hollywood Philosophy & Semantics

Here’s a few pieces of an old crazy movie that I been watching a couple of times. Whatever you think about Hollywood and their movies there’s a lot of people who brainstorm, think and write those scripts. There’s good and bad movies but I like to look for the lines or moments that’s applicable to me and my life.

Between “2.44-3.04” the character “Garland Green” gives a speech about semantics and insanity.

Later on at “3.24-4.30” the sick person and mass murderer is given a different perspective on his paradigm by a little girl, which we all do here and there when we starts to feel out of control in our own lives.

The reason I’d like to share this with you is because it’s Friday and suddenly the majority of people starts to think that life suddenly is brighter, and on Monday it’s dark again.

But not you of course, because by now you know that it’s…………..

INSANE and YOU got your

hole world in YOUR hand!

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