Everybody are afraid of getting old and I know why

Everybody are afraid of getting old and I know why

I just finished my 44th birthday and what a day. I made sure to not get to exited so I went to bed 3.30 the night before and got breakfast in bed at 8.30, same o’ same o’. I wont get into details for the entire day but it was great. Some party with the boy’s and lot’s of play.

Short reflection how it feels to be 44 because the scared ones are quick to make a point about it. I only have to ask myself these three questions to reflect over.

  • Did I Live?
  • Did I Love?
  • Did I Matter?

As long as I can answer a honest YES on those questions I couldn’t care less on getting older from minute to minute, day to day or year to year.

If you can’t answer a honest yes on those questions you will definitely be very worried of getting older because you’ve been wasting your time. DON’T wast your life I mean time 😉

Everyday when I get up I can feel my body and appreciate a little pain from old injuries and remember all the crazy stuff I’ve done with it because I LIVE.

When I got back home tonight and went through literary hundreds of greetings on Facebook, emails and sms there’s a lot of friendship, connection and LOVE. How great isn’t that? Thank you!

When I see how many people I’ve had the chance to meet, influence, share, teach and learn with/from/by I know I MATTER for more than just me and myself.

I’m feeling better and better and it get’s more fun for every year. Hope you got inspired as well!