Do you need a coach?

Do you need a coach?

I’m fascinated about the fact that everybody seems to be a coach now days. Even the people who doesn’t have any results to show of previous success. In Sweden all unemployed can get a coach to get a job. Those coaches was recruited from the registered unemployment force with a lot of governmental funding, these people don’t know how to get a job.I see people who talk about success this and how to accomplish that and they haven’t even accomplished it themselves. That’s ridiculous.

I often hear people give advices about relationships and they have a long list of unsuccessful relationships in the luggage. The only thing they know is how NOT TO DO IT!

We all do mistakes and most people learn something by them. We try something else and then we succeed and can claim to have experience from the process. But before you have succeed there’s no proof for it. By success I mean the desired outcome.


So when you feel in need of a coach, trainer, mentor, role model or whatever you want to call it, find someone who have been there done that. If they done what you want to achieve you copy their concept, if not don’t bother. If it’s a really good one they will coach you to do even better then their own success. Then you should listen carefully and you probably going to get their a lot faster by modeling their process.