Confidence without Comparison

Confidence without Comparison

Competition and comparisons are part of the world we live in and important for development and progression. When they are used for the right reasons they can be a really positive force. On the other hand they can be really negative in other contexts.


People who starts to compare what they have with others will always be jealous. I’ve seen and experienced that many times and it’s very destructive. People starts to destroy good things just to get even or equal to whatever they are jealous about. By doing that it often develops a negative force or trend that brings everybody to a lower level. The “victory” ends up on the disastrous battle ground.

Battlefield-disaster  Battlefield Disaster

When I was competing I did of course compare myself with others, during the fight. But for me it was always about my own standard. I always asked myself how I could raise my standard to the highest possible level. I didn’t hope that my opponents should have any cutbacks or such because then my own standard wouldn’t be worth as much. That attitude made me a world champion because at that time my standards where higher than the other competitors.

Appreciate others success and use it as motivation for yourself to raise your standards. It doesn’t matter if it’s in business, competitions or with friends the “Winners” are the ones who have an exited attitude and join in on others success.