Back to Basics

Last couple of weeks I got a good lesson in my own teachings. I focus a lot to build a strong foundation in everything I do. Many people get frustrated by this and ask for the outcome right now. They want to have the next technique or the product delivered A.S.A.P because that’s how they want it for some reason. Especially the people who got tired of being in the middle and want to advance to the next level.  The funny thing though is that the higher you want to reach the stronger foundation you need. That goes for marketing, business building and competitors. High goals demands big investments and preparations in all levels.

So back to my story and what happened to me. I did set some really bold goals this year and has been really committed to follow through. So committed that I started to lean to much forward with all my weight on the front foot. In martial arts that can be risky when someone fires back at you because you get to vulnerable and can’t deal with the shots. I got some shots in the form of tickets, speeding, parking and improper tires for OSLO in less than two days. That’s a really bad day at the office and it made me settle down a little bit. I can chose to complain about how unfair life is or look at it as a lesson, guess what I chose?

Time to slow down to avoid being knocked out because then I will never reach my goal. Next thing is to take care of my basics to avoid unnecessary mistakes to be able to maintain the pace I prefer to keep. So that’s the foundation for my goals, back to basics.

We all do mistakes, but only the fools repeat them!

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  1. What you write is very true. If you focus on what is negative, you will become negative in everything you do. If you focus on the positive, you will succeed in almost all you do.

    I have finally learned to stay positive, and my life has improved a lot over the last few years. And much of this is because I learned to know you, Jeff, and all the other fantastic people who practice Kali!

    Good luck in 2010 Johan. I hope I'll be able to meet you, and the others soon 🙂