A dear friend and a true fighter is gone

Pelle Östman is not among us any longer. He’s been fighting cancer for many years and friday the 22th june his body fell to sleep. For him it was a relief to end the pain, for us it’s a loss of an amazing person and a friend. I’m sad not being able to meet him again but also very grateful for all those moments of fun and laughter in my memory, for myself and shared with others.

Pelle had 7 hard years of resistance and all reasons to be miserable but he choose not to. He lived with passion and always did more then other people expected from him. I remember a time when I went up the mountain with my son and Pelle was joining us. I didn’t think about it and we started to climb, after some time it started to be more advanced and I realized that Pelle was struggling and I felt stupid for putting him in that spot. I asked him how he was doing and he said “I wish my doctor could see me now”. We gut up to the top and down again and laughing about this comment.

He loved to prove the doctors wrong because they always said he couldn’t do this or that and he wanted to live, not aim for the mellow.

He know that his day might come but we all know that and nobody knows when. So what Pelle taught me and many others was, choose who you want to be and what you want to do and don’t let others decide for you.

Always in my mind

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